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Speed up the colonization stage of growth using the new Max Yield accessory, the Colonizer Lid. This lid is a perfect compliment to the Max Yield Bin that saves you time, money, and the mess of prepping your bin for early stages of growth.  This growing tool is: A simple and effective solution for promoting early stage growth  Equip to speed up humidity retention assisting for substrate colonization  Durable, with tight-fitting latches keep the lid sealed to the base Save the time, mess and cost of using tape material to seal off your bin A compact design allows to stack and store away until ready   Simply switch to the standard Max Yield lid once ready to begin fruiting stage Assembled size: 22.5” (L) 15.5” (W) 8" (H) Lid sold separately, no base included  Made in Canada
These filters can be applied to your fruiting chamber to give your substrate fresh air while maintaining high levels of humidity. Includes 3 sheets of filters 24 filters total  High airflow filters Maintains constant humidity levels Made from 100% recycled filter material Manufactured with strong 3M adhesive Time saving lightening fast application  Designed as a perfect fit for the Max Yield Bin's 2" inch holes Bins sold separately 
These plastic liners fit neatly inside your Max Yield Bin saving you time and labor on cleaning up and preparing the bin for the next use.  Sold in packs of 5 Food grade BPA free plastic  Easily lift and access your medium inside without the mess Save time cleaning and prepping your bin use after use  Designed as a perfect structured fit for the Max Yield Bin Ideal solution for commercial growers Made in Canada
Introducing the Hydrometer Reader by Max Yield Bins Inc. — Your Key to Optimal Mushroom Growth! Achieve unprecedented control and maximize your mushroom yields with our cutting-edge Hydrometer Reader. Designed specifically for mushroom cultivators using the Max Yield Bin, this innovative device allows you to effortlessly monitor the humidity levels within your bin, providing critical insights into the ideal growing environment and precise timing for optimal mushroom growth. Features and Benefits: Accurate Humidity Monitoring: The Hydrometer Reader provides real-time and accurate readings of the humidity levels inside your mushroom grow bin. With its advanced sensor technology, you can easily track and maintain the perfect moisture balance required for vigorous mycelium colonization and abundant fruiting. Option to display in either ℃ or ℉. Precise Timing and Harvesting: Timing is everything in mushroom cultivation, and our Hydrometer Reader ensures you harvest your mushrooms at the peak of their growth. By accurately gauging the humidity levels, you'll be able to identify the optimal moment for harvesting, resulting in consistently high-quality yields. User-Friendly Interface: We understand the importance of simplicity and ease of use, which is why our Hydrometer Reader features a user-friendly interface. The clear LCD display presents humidity readings in an easily understandable format, making it accessible for both novice and experienced growers alike. Compact and Portable Design: The compact size and portable nature of our Hydrometer Reader make it an ideal companion for any mushroom cultivator. Whether you're tending to a small-scale home grow or managing a larger commercial operation, this device seamlessly integrates into your setup, ensuring you have the necessary insights wherever you go. Enhanced Growing Efficiency: By precisely monitoring the humidity levels, you can optimize your cultivation process, reducing the risk of unnecessary interference. This leads to increased efficiency, saving you time, effort, and resources while maximizing your mushroom yields. Reliable and Durable: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Hydrometer Reader is built to withstand the demanding conditions of mushroom cultivation. Rest assured that this reliable device will provide accurate readings and serve as a long-lasting tool throughout your growing journey. Take your mushroom cultivation to new heights with the Hydrometer Reader from Max Yield Bins Inc. Gain unparalleled control over your growing environment, time your harvests perfectly, and unlock the full potential of your mushroom yields. Order your Hydrometer Reader today and experience the difference it can make in your cultivation success!

Growing With Max Yield Bins

There’s no better way to start cultivating mushrooms indoors than with the monotub method. It’s simplequick, and compact so you can store it pretty much anywhere.