Homegrown Gourmet Mushrooms Made Easy

These bins are perfection. No liners, one layer of micro pore & my surface conditions are ideal!

Adrian C.

Fun. Fascinating. Fantastically Delicious.

You’ve found your new family activity that’s educational, healthy and can yield delicious organic mushrooms no matter the season.

Better By Design

Optimized Air Flow

We take the guess work out of managing humidity, airflow, and gas exchange while limiting contaminant in the air from entering.

Blocks Out Light

Our dark base prevents mushrooms from growing on the sides or bottom of your bin, making harvesting easier.

Max Yield Returns

Our bin design yields consistent and bountiful fruiting of your favorite mushrooms with high yields per flush or crop.

Everybody Loves Easy

From the seasoned horticulturist to the grower seeking a fresh new hobby, everyone will love this tool’s efficiency and ease-of-use for growing any mushroom, at any scale.

Getting Started is Easy

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Simply pick a workstation, unbox your bin and follow the instructions. Ready. Set. Grow.

Durable & Portable

These bins are right sized for the DIY hobbyist, commercial growers and everywhere in between. They’re perfect for growing nearly every variety of mushroom.

Set It & Let It

The airflow and humidity control mean you hardly have to lift a finger. Simply set, seal, and grow your very own mushrooms—it’s that easy.

Grow Them All
Enjoy a world of variety with your own organic mushrooms. The possibilities are endless.

Ready to Get Started?

Personal / Home Use
Commercial Use