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General FAQ

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All products are sold separately, bins do not include filters

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 We specialize in tools and supplies for mushroom cultivation. We do not sell any spores or mushrooms

Product Questions

We sell the best tool and supplies for mushroom cultivation. No mushroom kits or spores, genetics, soil, or substrates are currently available for purchase through our site.

Many people still choose to use a liner when using our bins. (liners coming soon) However, our product is designed so that the condensation runoff will be caught in the rim of the base. Essentially the water will build up along the edge above your substrate rather than run down to the bottom and pool underneath

22.5” x 15.5” x 12” (fully assembled, L x W x H)

When loading your bin, you will want to fill your medium to just below the holes in the base of your bin. You will seal off the bins air flow completely, then after about two weeks, once the mycelium has colonized the substrate, you will switch to a microporous tape (or polyfill) and allow for FAE.

The bin provides complete control of the environment your mushrooms will grow from. You can grow just about any species as long as you use the right match of substrate to spawn. I.e. wood based sub for oyster mushrooms

Yes, once you load your bin and make the ‘lasagna’ you will want to seal off all air flow until colonization is complete

Each bin can hold up to 30lbs of mix. They are durable enough to be stacked on one another. We have tested 5 loaded with no issues, we have seen some customers go higher. However, we do not recommend stacking them. They were not designed this way. The best solution is to have proper shelving.

Our bins are specifically designed for mushroom cultivation. The holes are strategically placed to allow for optimal control and manipulation of the environment inside. This means you will have ample airflow and humidity retention giving you an ideal environment to grow your mushrooms of choice. 

You can expect to yield 0.5-0.75 lbs of dried mushrooms per bin cycle

You want to tape the holes shut at the beginning stages to allow for colonization to occur. Once the mycelium has colonized your substrate, displaying a white-mat like bed, it is time to remove the tape and transition to a breathable filter to allow fresh air to enter your tub and begin the fruiting stage

The max yield bin can hold up to 30lbs of medium mix

You can expect to yield 0.5-0.75 lbs of dried mushrooms per bin cycle