Better By Design

We take the guess work out of managing humidity, airflow, and gas exchange while limiting contaminant in the air from entering. Our dark base prevents mushrooms from growing on the sides of the bin, making harvesting easier. Our bin design yields consistent and bountiful fruiting of your favorite mushrooms with high yields per flush or crop every time!

Max Yield Bins Inc. is a collective of like-minded individuals that stand for all things health, wellness and design. Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia solving a need for local commercial mushroom growers. We identified the lack of commercial grade equipment readily available in the mycology space and set out to build simple and effective products suited for both beginner and advanced growers. There is no reason anyone new to the mycology space shouldnt be able to confidently start growing their own mushrooms from the comfort of their own space. We knew we were not alone looking for products like these. Our goal is to continue to offer people the best suited tools and equipment for successful cultivation efforts. Built to last, satisfied Max Yield Bins customers can be found coast to coast all across Canada and the USA. 

Simple & Effective

There’s no better way to start cultivating mushrooms indoors than with the monotub method. The airflow and humidity control mean you hardly have to lift a finger. Simply set, seal and grow your very own mushrooms- It's that easy. Ask any of our loyal customers and they'll tell you, the results speak for themselves.

"These bins are perfection. No liners, one layer of micropore & my surface conditions are ideal." Adrian C.

Growing With Max Yield Bins

There’s no better way to start cultivating mushrooms indoors than with the monotub method. It’s simplequick, and compact so you can store it pretty much anywhere.

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Max Yield Bins

A Sustainable Way To Grow

The Max Yield Bin™ is trusted by thousands of growers to produce consistent high yield harvests. Although it's everything you need all in one, we also offer accessories such as liners, filters and a colonizer lid to help make your growing experience even easier!

Getting started with Max Yield Bins

Choosing a Location

When choosing a room to use make sure there is as little exposure as possible. No open windows or doors that can bring in contamination from the outside, no pets should have access, and ideally a room that is easy to clean.

Things You Will Need

Max Yield Bin™, Spawn & Substrate, Lysol, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (in a spray bottle), Paper Towel, Knife/ Blade or Scalpel, Painters Tape to Seal, Microporous Tape to Breathe. Additional Stuff: Torch or Lighter to Sterilize Blade.

Preparing Your Workstation

Disinfect all surfaces with Lysol or 70% Isoproyl alcohol allowing the chemical to sit on surfaces when cleaning. Clean your worktable and all required tools and materials before starting.

Personal Hygiene

Prepare your own hygiene by having a good shower, wear clean clothes and tie your hair back. Sanitize your hands upon entering the grow room, apply gloves and a mask. We recommend using a clean and dedicated pair of shoes.

Cleaning Your Max Yield Bin

This step is vital to your success! Take your time and don't rush! Use Lysol and alcohol liberally cleaning both the inside and outside of your bin. Allow the chemicals to sit for a while before wiping the bin with a paper towel. Apply the same process to the lid.

Preparing Your Bin

Clean your bin the same day you are ready to use it. Cover the holes with green painters tape. Spray your spawn and substrate bags and wipe clean. Layer 1/4 substrate on the bottom, evenly sprinkle substrate and continue layering until ending with 1/4 substrate on top. Apply and seal the lid.

Stages Of Growth


Don't open the lid once it's sealed unless you really need to! A casing layer is not needed with the Max Yield Bin™ as enough moisture is retained by the substrate. Over the next 10-14 days a white mycelia mat will form over the substrate. Tiny little dots called mycelia nots or pins will form and change into "Primordia," tiny little baby mushrooms. You may notice drops that look like water on the mycelia mat which are metabolites that mushrooms produce just before fruiting.


Once pinning has begun, switch the green tape for a microporous tape. The medical style tape allows higher airlfow which will help the bin transition to a fruiting period. Over the next 4-6 weeks your mushrooms will be ready to harvest.


Once the mushrooms get big and tall keep an eye out so that the veil doesn't break. The veil is a thin membrane on the cap's underside, which keeps the spores in the mushroom.

Aftermath & Compost Application

Waste Free. Reusable. Built to Last.

These bins are right sized for the DIY hobbyist, commercial growers and everywhere in between. They’re perfect for growing nearly every variety of mushroom.

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If there is any concern with your product please email us at with your order number and photos if necessary. For questions about growing in your Max Yield Bin™ we invite you to please join our Community Forum page where you can connect with other likeminded growers! For further questions and information please reach out and take advantage of our Consulting Services. Thank you very much, we appreciate your business!