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A Chance To Win The Ultimate
Mushroom Growth Kit Worth Over $240!

Welcome To Myterra Labs!

The experts at Myterra Labs provide the best of the best substrates to help you grow functional and gourmet mushrooms at home. There substrate blends are designed, tested and refined at their in-house laboratory, helping ensure the best bang for your buck. There products are designed to simplify your mushroom growing experience, so that you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the mushroom cultivation journey!

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Welcome To Max Yield Bins!

Max Yield Bins provides you with the most efficient Mushroom Growing Kits to grow your gourmet mushrooms of choice. Our patent-pending Max Yield Bins™ yield much larger harvests than regular Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kits, but don’t require the investment of industrial scale. From the seasoned horticulturist to the grower seeking a fresh new hobby, everyone will love the efficiency and ease-of-use of our Organic Mushroom Growth kits!

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Max Yield Bin - V2 Tapered

The V2 tapered bin has been redesigned with changes coming to the lid. Spacing of the air vents allows for a more balanced distribution of airflow ensuring no dry spots. The tapered dome funnels condensation to run off to the edge of the bin rather than dropping on top of the growing surface which can lead to stunted growth. This Indoor Mushroom Fruiting Chamber is sold as a full unit with the base. Explore our Mushroom Fruiting Chambers for Sale to achieve the Max Yield on your next harvest.

Max Yield Bins - Filters

These filters can be applied to your fruiting chamber to give your substrate fresh air while maintaining high levels of humidity.