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Commercial Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

We originally designed the Max Yield Bins™ for the commercial growing customer segment. With over 30,000 bins in use across N. America, we are the leader in self-contained mushroom growing systems.

Designed for Growth

Built to last, Max Yield Bins are manufactured in Western Canada and are durable enough to hold up to 30lbs of spawn substrate mix. With handles that latch the lid to the base - they're designed to seal tight and withstand the needs of growers.

Minimize Impact and Cost

Waste free. Unlike mushroom grow bags, Max Yield Bins™ are reusable, so there is less waste flush after flush. Your spent substrate will decompose into a rich loamy compost that can be added to your vegetable garden.


The Best Place to Start

The monotub method is a great option for growers who are just getting started. They can yield much larger harvests than mushroom grow kits, but don’t require the investment of industrial scale.

Whether you are a professional or beginner grower, we provide you with the most efficient vessel to grow your gourmet mushrooms of choice.

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