The Mushroom Grow Kit

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The Mushroom Grow Kit

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Our mushroom grow kit provides you with the tools needed to successfully cultivate your own mushrooms. Just source your own spores or liquid culture and grow! This grow kit has the perfect proportions of fully hydrated and sterilized grain and substrate to successfully grow your favorite functional or gourmet mushroom species or strains. 

The V2 tapered bin has been redesigned. Spacing of the air vents allows for a more balanced distribution of airflow ensuring no dry spots. The tapered dome funnels condensation run off to the edge of the bin rather than dropping on top of the growing surface which can lead to stunt growth. Sold as a full unit with the base. Achieve the Max Yield on your next harvest.  

Our 5-packs of plastic liners fit neatly inside your Max Yield Bin saving you time and labor on cleaning up and preparing the bin for the next use. The set of 24 micropore filters can be applied to your fruiting chamber to give your substrate fresh air while maintaining high levels of humidity.

Each product is designed to simplify your mushroom growing experience, so that you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of mushroom cultivation.

Each Kit Includes:

- 1 V2 Tapered Bin

- 1 Pack of Liners (5 total)

- 1 Pack of Filters (24 total)

- (2) 5lb North Spore Boomr Bags 

- (1) 3lb bag of North Spore's Organic Sterilized Grain Bag with Injection Port 

Start Cultivating Mushrooms

There’s no better way to start cultivating mushrooms indoors than with the monotub method. The airflow and humidity control mean you hardly have to lift a finger. Simply set, seal and grow your very own mushrooms- It's that easy. Ask any of our loyal customers and they'll tell you, the results speak for themselves.

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I have just bought a couple orders of the newly upgraded bins and can only say .. Thank you for keeping up with this endeavor.. It is greatly appreciated
Fast Shipping and quick customer service keep Max Yield Bin on my radar as I expend my business

So I ordered a max yield bin and when I received it,there had been some damage to the lid during shipping. I contacted customer service and sent a few pictures and within a week I had a new bin on the way. It arrived perfectly fine. I still can't rate the actual product yet but the customer service is great.

3 full beautiful flushes! So easy. I didn’t have to do anything except harvest the bad boys. I don’t have to fan them every 4 hours. Worry about misting too much. I only bought 1 bin initially because the I thought the price was high. Now I understand and bought 3 more. Love love love.

Maxyield Bins are a great plug & play option—no need to spend time designing the perfect monotub because Maxyield Bins has already done it. This has allowed me time to focus on all of the other elements of mushroom cultivation. I highly recommend this product.

Got two sets of bins with the full setup of extras. One of the lids cracked in long shipment to the US, which they promptly replaced. The bins are good, sturdy quality and look great, so they must have withstood a beating during shipment to crack a lid. The next one arrived without issues in perfect condition. Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Phenominal product, it streamlined my production and I have had consistent incredible flushes using these bins. One order a bin was cracked I messaged and sent a couple pictures and they were on it with a new lid. Very impressed with these guys, definitely be ordering more bins soon

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